Say YES to your next level soul embodiment!

A portion of the proceeds will be going to one or more of the projects shared by the speakers!

Option 1

$88 $44

Lifetime access to all Unity Consciousness Event conversations
BONUS 1 - From Worthiness to Wholeness - Self Love, Self Care, Reverence for Self  
This is a group gathering to deepen our ability to connect with ourselves and transform what is keeping us from feeling self love and reverence and being able to hear what we truly need and give it to ourselves.
BONUS 2 - 2023 June 21st Solstice Ceremony - Centered in Unity Within
This is a powerful connection of Souls who joined to support being in our bodies, in our Truth and creating the space within to receive what is coming through the portals of this year.  This is supportive at any time to listen to!

option 2

$188 $144

Lifetime access to all Unity Consciousness Event conversations AND Bonuses
1-Hour Soul Embodiment Catalyst Session*

*This session is an opportunity to transform the limitations of the body, mind and heart to be able to engage with and embody the clarity and purity of your Soul! 

We will create a safe and powerful space to open the pathway of communication with your higher self to guide us into what is needed for you to feel more connected with You for more freedom and harmony within!

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