Source Embodiment

7-Week Journey to Be at Home with YourSelf,
Your Body and Soul in Union in Love, Gratitude and Harmony

How would it feel to be completely at Home with yourself?

To know your body as the Temple of Life that houses your Soul?

To be in Tune with rhythms of your physical existence in harmony with your greater field of awareness, your Higher Self?

To be in the next octave of your body’s capacity for the embodiment and expression of your Soul’s Unique gifts?

To feel content, fulfilled with a deeper inner acceptance and knowing of YourSelf?

To be One
To be Whole
To Be Home
In Your Powerful Body as Soul!

This is the calling of the New Era.

The New You!

You are ascending in and with the Body and Earth, here Now.

Your body is the crystalline light technology that is evolving with Your Soul out of the imbalances that we have carried for too long.

This is an opportunity to bring your mind and heart, all the thoughts and feelings about the body and physical existence in balance with your Soul to be Source Embodied!

This is an opportunity to thrive in your body as Soul with vitality and longevity as the free light Source power that you are!

This is an opportunity to be deeply supported on Your Journey of Source Embodiment!

This 7-Week Journey is designed to create...

An experience of transformation that will bring you home to your Body as a Soul
A Remembrance of the brilliance of the physical realm that is here supporting your evolution, awakening, ascension
You to Be in Harmony and love with Earth, the elements as the embodied living consciousness of Source that we experience as a Soul in a body
Alchemy of conscious and subconscious imbalances with the idea of a physical existence to embrace the Unity of Life on and with Earth and all that is
Retrieve parts of yourself from the elements, lifetimes, other planets, etc that has created a challenge to being in a physical body
Bridge and Crystallize your Light Soul Body with the living consciousness of Source in all ways!

Many times on this journey you can forget that the body is the living vessel that IS Source. And that you, as a Soul, chose to be in this body to experience the wonders of life that Earth offers as well as complete the stories of many lifetimes to come into Unity right now.

Life is challenging.

When you can connect with the life force of your higher Self and Soul as the Unified conduit of connection of who you are, you can have more power and clarity to be YOU and accept life in all its forms.

As the frequency is shifting on the planet and you are feeling the call and connection more profoundly with your Soul, your body is changing and integrating as well to upgrade to flow the higher vibrations of You.

Your Body is made of Source just as Your Soul is and is a highly intelligent consciousness.
Your Soul wants to be in relationship with the body so we can truly communicate and BE who we are.

It is in this Union and Love that you will become who you are with more love, fluidity and connection to transmute all that is no longer needed in this physical realm to reach new heights of Being!

Your relationship with your body and the elements of nature is a direct reflection of this.

Nature feels soooo exquisite.
Nature is your body!!
You are exquisite!

Mother Nature, Earth, Gaia IS the home for the diversity of the universes.
We see it all around us! And within us!

Nature, the elements and the Consciousness of Earth is upgrading too!
You are here to upgrade with this immense transition to be a light body!

Your body is nature, the diverse and intelligent
elements doing incredible things all the time to keep you alive.

The elements each have their own living consciousness on the physical and energetic planes.
When you are in communication with each element individually and as a whole you can navigate multiple levels of consciousness more fluidly.

This brings coherence and union of your mind and heart, Soul and body with all that you are and all that is.

This can reduce the stress on your body, emotions and thoughts as experiences and information can be processed more efficiently!

Your body is THE home of Your Soul, Earth is the home of Your Body Temple and You are living here together in constant connection.

When you Accept yourself as physical in Union with Source energy you will rise into new frequencies WITH Earth, as a whole living consciousness.

You will bridge Past/Present/Future timelines and Galactic Cosmology of Your Soul into a new crystalline pathway that allows you to be the Creator that you inherently are.

Loosening the bonds of anything that has happened on any level to be FREE.

By doing so you support the whole collective in this grand shift!

Let’s fine tune your relationship with yourSelf, the nature of your body to be:

Fully connected with Your Soul
To channel the pure Energy of Source
To be Home
At One, In Love and Harmony with life!!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” ~Socrates

This is for you if...

You want to deepen your relationship with your Body and Earth as your home in this lifetime,
You want to increase your capacity to be a conduit of Source to live freely as your Soul,
You want to strengthen your foundation with the living consciousness and life force that supports all that you are,
You want to feel at home in your body so you can be centered and clear in all that you do/be,
You want to be a clear and powerful transmitter/receiver as an Embodied Soul!

Join us as we create the next Embodied Evolution of Life with Earth!

Honorable Experiences with Kristen

“It is so much easier to develop expansion skills with a seasoned guide and Kristen is that guide for me.

My entire adult life has been a journey of discovery. Who are we? What do we need to know to make life better.... beyond better... how to live a life of peace and joy and connection. I've studied psychology, somatic therapies, meditation, taken psychotropic medicine journeys and sought out channeled entities for information beyond these modalities.

All of that has been a necessary foundation for understanding the workings of a personality operating in this realm. Now, for me, I re-cognize the next understanding is of awareness directly.

Kristen holds the right guidance for me in this next level up this spiral ladder.

She is a light worker gifted with broad inner sight of many realms, an awareness of energetic intelligence far beyond my abilities. Her sight is always on the purest form of centered light and on consciously seeking, and helping us with the embodiment, of higher light frequencies.

Kristen steadfastly models the path of heart centered wisdom as she so patiently, with her soft, yet fierce dedication, shows us the way to let go of what needs to be let go of, and to open to receive what is waiting to be received.

Each time I complete a session with Kristen, whether individually or in a group format, I feel a reset occurs and I open to greater awareness of my connection to source and to wholeness.

I have such gratitude for encountering her and working with her during this rapidly changing time on our planet.”

Cindy Flaherty

“In working with Kristen I have come to I have come to acknowledge the groups she facilitates as ceremonies. Through an open heart and her deeply enlightened meditations and conversations we recognize the sacredness of ALL and honor the spirit that exists in ALL”


"Kristen is very intuitive and receptive in her work. It’s clear that she has a knack for creating a clear space, putting her own identity out of the way and allowing all that is possible. I’ve been able to make great leaps in my healing process in a very short time by working with her. I am confident in her ability as great catalyst for bringing about whatever your consciousness is ready for."


“Kristen is a pure heart INtegrity BEing and I'm grateful for my connection & mentorship with her.
We provided one another massive Mastery Soul Initiations and expanded tremendously, as a result of our 2yrs together.
We continue to remain close & recognize powerful soul agreements & past lifetimes together.
If you are Soul called to work with her, you will know the Power & Depth of clarity, clearings & change that you will experience.
Truly Transforming, NoW is the Time ~ don't wait or hesitate, go for it!
Highly recommend. (she is fun too )”


“I have had a long term relationship with Kristen for 3 1/2 years. During that time I have found her to be a superb guide to help navigate these uncharted waters and able to hold the field for my greater soul growth and embodiment. She is discerning as well as unflinching in her integrity, support and awareness of what needs to shift to move me into greater levels of mastery.She is a great gift and I highly encourage the deeper dive into yourself. You will be richly rewarded!”


Why go on this journey with Kristen…

First, I welcome you into the Gratitude and Love of our connection!

I appreciate the opportunity to be with you and share this most exquisite journey with you!

From a very young age I could sense that this world was very different from what I felt in my heart it could be.

And it made me angry.

I remember questioning why there was so much pain and suffering?

Why did everything feel like a struggle in people’s lives?

And honestly, I feel into the internal misery myself.

I couldn’t foresee a way out even though deep down I knew there had to be a way!

When I was 6 I would massage my neighbor when she was feeling down about her son who was disabled. My intuition knew that touch would help her, even though I had never been exposed to massage before. My mother thought I would become a masseuse 🙂

Even though there was a part of me that could sense a different reality I didn’t know how to create it.

For many years, I was stuck in negative loop thoughts of self judgment, anger, and complete discomfort with being in my body and quite frankly alive.

I couldn’t understand how to navigate life feeling ok.

I hid from the world.

Underneath all that I had many passions and abilities and I didn’t have the courage or clarity to create the life I wanted which created even more tension and self judgment.

A constant loop of self hate and frustration.

As a teenager I had a sudden shift and I decided that I would be me no matter what.

When I moved from my hometown in upstate NY to California when I was 20 with just a backpack I ‘happened’ into a community of ‘spiritual’ people who had engaged with deep and life changing inner self work.

Within months of being around them, having fascinating conversations and support I began to spontaneous energetic shifts that awakened my inner vision, intuition and connection to the sacred multidimensional world.

I still was confused and it took several more years through a most grueling relationship that shook me to the depths of my core to see all of my shadow and learn to embrace it that I chose to stand in my power in a way that I had seen and felt though never could before.
In that relationship I kept seeing glimpses of my future, of who I was becoming and I wanted more than anything, though it kept taking me deeper and deeper into the pain, the hate, the separation until I was ready to let it go.

In 2013, I left my partner, a lucrative business we had built and said to the universe I will live my soul purpose no matter what!
Right after I left I was divinely guided to schedule a hypnotherapy session with a woman in the area.

That session changed the course of both of our lives.

In the session, through me, we were approached by ArchAngel Metatron asking us if we would assist in creating the New Earth.

Yes, we excitedly agreed.

From that day forward we devoted our lives to all the information that Metatron, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, the Arcturians, the Pleiadeans, etc. brought to us about the dimensional structure of our reality.

All the shifts and changes that would happen in the years to come, which have happened and are happening.

We were upgraded, activated, detoxed, challenged, loved, held, guided in so many potent ways.

This was all preparation for this moment.

When it came that I was to start working with people 1 on 1 and in groups I was nervous though it came naturally.

I was continually guided to be more and more present, pure, humble and awakened until I was able to unify with all the energies and the master beings that guided me as nothing different or separate from me, as me, as us in Unity.

We are all master beings and the aspects that guide us that come to us are just parts of ourselves welcoming us home!

And even though I still have my human challenges, I have never felt so liberated, present and in pure love than I am now!

It’s been quite a journey!

We ALL have been on quite a journey.

I welcome you to join this journey with me to be more home in your body, to Liberate your Soul with the deep presence and pure love that you have always been!!

What you receive on this 7 Week Journey...

1 - Opening Ceremony - LIVE
7 - 3 hour Weekly LIVE Group Immersion on the week’s topic
7 - 1 hour Weekly LIVE Group Integration/Support Video Gatherings
1 - Closing Ceremony - LIVE
All LIVES are on Zoom and Recorded.

Your Journey Begins Friday March 8, 2024

Week 1

Introduction - The Body as Source

Create more trust, acceptance and connection with the body

Transmute conscious and subconscious imbalances of thoughts, feelings, experiences, with the Body/Earth existence

Resonate with the pure light of Source to bring coherence in mind and heart with the Body

Discover your innate communication and connection with the body as the Conduit of Source and Soul

Feel more at Home in your Body

Week 2

Earth - Connect with the Living Consciousness of Earth is Your Home

Create a stronger Foundation with the physical structure of Earth and Your life

Communicate with the minerals of Earth and Your Body that support all the functions of your body to have a clear transmission of information through Your Nerve and Crystalline structures physically and energetically

Increase Your Magnetism and Frequency in your Center Channel to be grounded and focused within your body soul template

Be strong in your core knowing of Yourself

Week 3

Air - Unify with the Breath of Life

Discover Your Rhythm to be in Union of Life with your breath, body, Earth and the cosmic connection of all that is and you are

Open the space of the body to have more movement and circulation physically

Transmute stagnancies held in the blood, organs, tissue, etc, for more life force in your energy channels

Create clarity with seen and unseen information to flow more smoothly with your environment and change

ReVitalize all body systems with the exchange of the crystalline light as breath of Source and Soul

Week 4

Water - Know your Flow

Discover the power of programming the waters of your body to create your crystalline form

Gently Detox the fluids of the body for a clean flow of currency of energy and information

Heal and create a stable electrical stream in your nerve system to be more relaxed with the fluxes of frequency upgrades

Be in the Subtle yet powerful motion of outer and inner Soul Source information to know, move, make decisions and express yourself with more ease

Week 5

Fire - BE Your Power

Connect with your inner spark of Source Light that consistently guides you

Utilize the eternal flame of transformation to be strong in your ability to Alchemize what is needed in your Life in any moment

Release the bonds of old power dynamics of ego, identity, authority, etc to invite yourself into Your Power

Integrate your mind,heart, body and Soul as one light, one bold courageous Soul

Week 6

Ether - Thrive in Your Life Force Energy

Bridge through the ethers all your Galactic relations with this Earth life to be whole in your body

Experience Pineal Gland upgrades to open more clearly your intuition and inner guidance

Connect with your Soul Blueprint Holographic field through the Centered Still Point of Divine Union to know your infinite Self within the body

Feel and know the Power of your Life Force Energy and Thrive!

Week 7

Source Embodiment - Home in the Circle of Life

Crystallize the higher consciousness of the Elements of your physical body to invite and integrate Your Soul’s highest embodiment

Remember Your Origin codes to open, uplevel and be your Soul gifts, wisdom and mastery

Harmonize Gratitude, Love and Intelligence as Source to be crystal clear, strong and fulfilled in your Life!

If you are ready to Upgrade your connection and capacity with YourSelf, skills and capacities at Home in Your Body as the living Temple of the Soul this is for you!!

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
~Jimmy Dean

You can join in these ways!

The second gift to be fulfilled before the end of 7 weeks.

Or Gift via PayPal or Venmo!

PayPal - Friends/Family

5126 (last four of phone number if asked)

You can add on 45 minute Sessions with me at $100/session anytime during the course of the 7 weeks!

NOTE - If you need financial consideration with creative gifting plans let me know! I have done this to support devoted Souls! Email me here -

We will create a powerful journey together and Be the Source Embodied Beings we truly Are!!

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