6 week journey to Be Centered in Deep Presence and Pure Love for InBodied Authenticity, Harmony, Joy and Peace

Welcome Into You!

Your Presence is needed!
Your Pure Love is needed!
Your Authenticity is Needed!
For YOU First!

So you ARE the InBodied Frequency of your Soul radiating with coherence and resonance throughout creation to BE in full alignment with your authentic path and unique gifts.

This is for you if...

You are ready to discover how to be to in deep listening with your body, your heart, your Soul and say YES to to your Truth
You have been struggling to be present and want to create more space, more pause, and more connection with yourself
You have developed a space of presence and love for yourself and have a passion to be in more stillness, to listen and apply your inner wisdom with expanded capacity
You are ready to release judgment, lack, separation, guilt, shame, and fear of the past to Be Love, BE You!
You want to have better relationships with yourself and others through more present loving communication, connection and alignment
You are deeply passionate about In Bodying your Soul, expressing yourself freely and being clear on your path

This is an oppportUnity to come into deep Union with You!

To be in and know your center as your pillar of strength and harmony to be Real, Authentic in Joy and Peace!

How does Presence and Pure Love create Liberation?

Presence and Pure Love are the keys to open the gateways of the heart, mind, and body to InBody your Soul.

Our Soul is the essence of our Unique Source expression!

Being able to engage with our essence, to know Source within, it takes deep presence and pure love to navigate all that comes up as we go into the depths of our being.

Becoming aware of ourselves is not always easy though it is greatly supported and catalyzed when we practice and master deep presence and pure love!
Then we can be the Liberated Soul we truly are!

When we enter deep states of presence we can...

Be in more stillness, silence and connection to hear our mind, body and hearts and inner guidance more clearly
Create more space and ‘time’ in our lives for what we truly desire and who we really are
Feel more relaxed, at peace, neutral and calm
Adjust more easily when we find we are in loop thoughts, emotions, and patterns
Experience being grounded, rooted, safe in our bodies
Know our strength, courage and power in choice to create our reality

When we are in Pure Love we can...

Be free of judgment, fear and lack to have more compassion, self love, discernment and neutrality
Feel the depth of joy and clarity of your own life to be your free Authentic self
Create non attachment to the external world to have ease in being with yourself
Accept everything that is and has been in your life to have the deepest healing, transformation and opening to new ways of being
See and feel the Unity in creation and its purpose in All that you do and are!

Deep Presence and Pure Love together creates a strong foundation to embrace ourselves and liberate our Soul and embody our unique gifts and expression!

We can navigate challenges and this transition on this planet with a quieter mind, an open heart, more vitality and energy in our bodies to be Whole and Complete as we Are for Harmony, Joy, Clarity and Peace!

We expand our ability to receive, flow and hold more power, information and connection with all of life itself!

Why go on this journey with Kristen…

First, I welcome you into the Gratitude and Love of our connection!

I appreciate the opportunity to be with you and share this most exquisite journey with you!

From a very young age I could sense that this world was very different from what I felt in my heart it could be.

And it made me angry.

I remember questioning why there was so much pain and suffering?

Why did everything feel like a struggle in people’s lives?

And honestly, I feel into the internal misery myself.

I couldn’t foresee a way out even though deep down I knew there had to be a way!

When I was 6 I would massage my neighbor when she was feeling down about her son who was disabled. My intuition knew that touch would help her, even though I had never been exposed to massage before. My mother thought I would become a masseuse 🙂

Even though there was a part of me that could sense a different reality I didn’t know how to create it.

For many years, I was stuck in negative loop thoughts of self judgment, anger, and complete discomfort with being in my body and quite frankly alive.

I couldn’t understand how to navigate life feeling ok.

I hid from the world.

Underneath all that I had many passions and abilities and I didn’t have the courage or clarity to create the life I wanted which created even more tension and self judgment.

A constant loop of self hate and frustration.

As a teenager I had a sudden shift and I decided that I would be me no matter what.

I began yoga and meditation.

“Kristen helped me to untangle the limiting beliefs and confusion I was holding around my identity and life experiences. I felt safe and supported in the container she held and her loving guidance showed me how to bring light to my shadows and transform them into love and compassion. Although we've finished sessions together, I still feel her strong presence with me. I continue to use the resources that she shared and I feel much more trusting in my intuition and able to act on the inspiration that moves me into alignment with my purpose.”


“I was at one of those moments in life where you just throw your hands in the air and shout Help! One thing led to another, as they do, and I was connected to Kristin. Kristin led me to the place where I could see and experience the context for my situation concerning health and life change. I felt safe and cared for. I was inspired to grow and add tools to my tool chest of coping skills. Kristen’s gifts far exceed my understanding, but the experience is profound. She shares herself with grace, love, and humor. There is love, light and guidance available to us all. She shows the way.”


"Kristen is very intuitive and receptive in her work. It’s clear that she has a knack for creating a clear space, putting her own identity out of the way and allowing all that is possible. I’ve been able to make great leaps in my healing process in a very short time by working with her. I am confident in her ability as great catalyst for bringing about whatever your consciousness is ready for."


“Kristen is a pure heart INtegrity BEing and I'm grateful for my connection & mentorship with her.
We provided one another massive Mastery Soul Initiations and expanded tremendously, as a result of our 2yrs together.
We continue to remain close & recognize powerful soul agreements & past lifetimes together.
If you are Soul called to work with her, you will know the Power & Depth of clarity, clearings & change that you will experience.
Truly Transforming, NoW is the Time ~ don't wait or hesitate, go for it!
Highly recommend. (she is fun too )”


“I have had a long term relationship with Kristen for 3 1/2 years. During that time I have found her to be a superb guide to help navigate these uncharted waters and able to hold the field for my greater soul growth and embodiment. She is discerning as well as unflinching in her integrity, support and awareness of what needs to shift to move me into greater levels of mastery.She is a great gift and I highly encourage the deeper dive into yourself. You will be richly rewarded!”


When I moved from my hometown in upstate NY to California when I was 20 with just a backpack I ‘happened’ into a community of ‘spiritual’ people who had engaged with deep and life changing inner self work.

Within months of being around them, having fascinating conversations and support I began to spontaneous energetic shifts that awakened my inner vision, intuition and connection to the sacred multidimensional world.

I still was confused and it took several more years through a most grueling relationship that shook me to the depths of my core to see all of my shadow and learn to embrace it that I chose to stand in my power in a way that I had seen and felt though never could before.
In that relationship I kept seeing glimpses of my future, of who I was becoming and I wanted more than anything, though it kept taking me deeper and deeper into the pain, the hate, the separation until I was ready to let it go.

In 2013, I left my partner, a lucrative business we had built and said to the universe I will live my soul purpose no matter what!
Right after I left I was divinely guided to schedule a hypnotherapy session with a woman in the area.

That session changed the course of both of our lives.

In the session, through me, we were approached by ArchAngel Metatron asking us if we would assist in creating the New Earth.

Yes, we excitedly agreed.

From that day forward we devoted our lives to all the information that Metatron, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, the Arcturians, the Pleiadeans, etc. brought to us about the dimensional structure of our reality.

All the shifts and changes that would happen in the years to come, which have happened and are happening.

We were upgraded, activated, detoxed, challenged, loved, held, guided in so many potent ways.

This was all preparation for this moment.

When it came that I was to start working with people 1 on 1 and in groups I was nervous though it came naturally.

I was continually guided to be more and more present, pure, humble and awakened until I was able to unify with all the energies and the master beings that guided me as nothing different or separate from me, as me, as us in Unity.

We are all master beings and the aspects that guide us that come to us are just parts of ourselves welcoming us home!

And even though I still have my human challenges, I have never felt so liberated, present and in pure love than I am now!

It’s been quite a journey!

We ALL have been on quite a journey.

I welcome you to join this journey with me to be more home in your body, to Liberate your Soul with the deep presence and pure love that you have always been!!

Now is the time for us to come together and be the deep receivers of our Own Source connection, Liberate our Soul and BE who we truly came here to BE!

Presence and Love is the Key!

Be here now, for the rise in collective consciousness embodying the wisdom of our ancient truth, to love fully and engage with life in our greatness!!

All is clear in deep presence and pure love!

What you get...

6-Week Journey to Be Centered in Deep Presence and
Pure Love for InBodied Authenticity, Harmony, Joy and Peace

Opening Ceremony to Unify our Souls in Presence and Love for the 6 weeks!

Six 3-hour LIVE deep dive workshop calls
Four 1-hour LIVE support, integration, clarification calls

(all workshops and calls will be recorded for replays if you can't make it live)

Closing Ceremony to integrate, stabilize, share and celebrate Liberation!

Weeks 1 and 2 focus on Cultivating Deep Presence in Body, Mind and Heart
Weeks 3 and 4 focus on Embodying Pure Love
Weeks 5 and 6 Liberating the Soul through Deep Presence and Pure Love

Week 1

Cultivating and Feeling the Essence of Deep Presence

Identify and connect with Your Point of Presence within to know what deep presence feels like in the body

Transmute where you are putting your presence, focus and power outside of you

Transform imbalances with your power and presence from this life, other lifetimes, ancestral (judgment, fear, shame, etc.)

Discover your inner communication with your body to be safe, strong, connected and stable and trust your physical being as Divine Intelligence

Nerve System Regulation, DNA Light Body Activations, Contract/Agreement Upgrades to embody new codes of presence and pure love to embody new codes of presence, pure love and authenticity

Week 2

Embodying and Communicating in Deep Presence

Learn, Experience and Deepen your point of presence and with practices and tools for being centered, grounded and present (tools are suggestions from Kristen and from your own inner guidance)

Discover the power of Silence and Stillness within to listen, hear, choose and apply your clear present inner wisdom and intuition

Learn to navigate any situation with clear awareness in deep presence

Transmute loop thoughts and feelings, past/future attention into a quiet clear mind

Open to communication with others from a clear centered space

Nerve System Regulation, DNA, Light Body Activations to embody new codes of presence

Week 3

Sourcing Inner Pure Love

Bring your new presence into your heart to open into the pure love of Source that you are

Transform negative self views, ideas, beliefs, imbalanced ancestral programs held around ideas of love for self, others, creation into acceptance, forgiveness, compassion

Release bonds with any people, experiences supporting the negative self views, etc.to embody your power that has been held in them

Begin to communicate with your body, your awareness with more love and gratitude to feel more at ease, expanded, connected and alive

Open to yourself AS source love to feel the radiance of pure embodied love

Nerve System Regulation and DNA Light Body Activations to embody new codes of pure love

Week 4

Harmonizing Pure Love Within

Discover the way you acknowledge, accept and give to, nurture and care for yourself through self guided daily connection

Identify and adjust words you use about yourself, others, the world to be in alignment with your soul and pure love

Notice where you are holding back, hiding, your love from yourself and others to open even more fully

Shift from judgment to discernment to further anchor in clarity, love and connection with self and others

Open even deeper to your Truth within to bring the intelligence of the heart, mind and gut together as One harmonized flow of energy, information and embodiment

Nerve System Regulation and DNA Light Body Activations to embody new codes of pure love

Week 5

Synergy of Deep Presence and Pure Love

Connect with neutrality to release expectations, pressures, burdens of Self as a Soul, such as purpose, mission, to shift from doing to Being

Notice where you are holding back or hiding your soul presence to become clear with your brilliant qualities as a Soul and Human as one

Adjust perspectives of your life, the world in your new clarity of self with the deepest love and gratitude

Sense and anchor in your own rhythm, your own pace of life that is aligned with your Soul to move in time and space with trust in Your Divine Timing and Creation

Unite with and Feel your inherent strength, courage and power to choose to Be You in your deep presence and pure love

Nerve System Regulation and DNA Light Body Activations to embody new codes of presence and pure love

Week 6

Liberating Soul - Expressing, Being and Embodying Deep Presence, Pure Love and Authenticity

Embrace Your Mastery of Soul Liberation with your clear thoughts, feelings, knowing, words, actions in a grounded, centered body

Experience the expansion of your energy field, your mind, your heart, your body to greater awareness and clarity of yourself and the world

Unlock the infinite Vitality, Energy, Longevity of the cells and DNA with your free regenerative energy

Flow in wholeness, feel yourself as Complete as you are in peace, harmony, and joy

Nerve System Regulation and DNA Light Body Activations to embody new codes of presence and pure love

Imagine and know yourSelf as Strong Stable Whole in your body as Your Soul, liberated and free in expression, flowing in rhythm of your own divinity!

This is where Harmony, Joy and Peace live!

This is You!

This 6 week journey to Liberate Your Soul begins November 6th! Give yourself the Gift of YOU!

Liberate Your Soul: Option 1

Opening Ceremony to Unify our Souls in Presence and Love for the 6 weeks!

Six 3-hour LIVE deep dive workshop calls
Four 1-hour LIVE support, integration, clarification calls

(all workshops and calls will be recorded for replays if you can't make it live)

Closing Ceremony to integrate, stabilize, share and celebrate Liberation!

Liberate Your Soul: Option 2

An Opening Ceremony to Unify our Souls in Presence and Love for the 6 weeks!

Six 3-hour LIVE calls
Four 1-hour LIVE support calls
Five 45-minute 1 on 1 Sessions with Kristen

(all workshops and calls will be recorded for replays if you can't make it live)

A Closing Ceremony to integrate, stabilize, share and celebrate Liberation!

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This 6 week journey to Liberate Your Soul begins November 6th!
Give yourself the Gift of YOU!

Feel the InPowered You in your life, strong, clear, present, in harmony, joy and love, free!!

In deep presence and pure love we see with clear eyes, feel with pure hearts, know with a wise mind and move with Soul InBodied! Powerful and Authentic!

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