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To feel aligned with purpose we first need to become clear with who we are and who we are not. These two classes are designed to teach you how to clear your personal energy field and your environment of enmehsmets and other energetics that are causing confusion in your field.
Enmeshments look like chain link fences and occur where the atoms of energy that make up your field are bonded with other people, places, and things energy field. Enmeshments cause entanglements of information, thoughts, and feelings creating confusion in your Mind and Body.
We not only address how to clear enmehsments out of the field, we learn how to send healing energy void of entanglements and strings of codependency.

Erica VanEaton is a Quantum Alchemist Intuitive that helps others reimagine their internal knowingness. She teaches others how to reweave their foundational structure to curate new realities and expand their gifts. Her oldest son that was born with Down Syndrome and Autism, guided her through restructuring their own energy matrixes to become a new kind of human. Through reimaging the roles of the human vessel, she learned how to create an internal unified way of playing in the Quantum Field. By playing with science and metaphysics she not only helps others heal and expand, she empowers them to do the same.

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